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The most common reason why a house or building may need wiring services Mandurah and re-wiring is because the current wiring system is too old. The wires could be deteriorating due to age or if they don’t have the proper insulation, they could be at risk of causing an electrical fire. If you are concerned your house may need wiring services Dawesville, don’t hesitate to contact an electricians Halls Head and get a thorough check-up – you can call Dalectrix on 0404 240 044 for an inspection.

It’s common to take electrical wiring for granted as it remains hidden in the walls, under the floors, and above the ceilings, beyond sight and out of mind. Frequently, wiring risks happen in the places that are most difficult spot. Our electricians in Mandurah carry out wiring services for new and old homes to ensure there are no frayed wires and no possibility for the wires to come in contact with water. 

Wiring your new home is a hard job that needs knowledge and experience.  Our electricians will sit down to discuss the entire process with you before commencing the work. This process includes delivering the best trends for your home to make sure that all the deadline are met, and wiring doesn’t interfere with other aspects of the construction simultaneously. If you want to rewire an old home, we can do this in no time and within your budget without compromising with safety. We realize electricity is important in every home and want to work with you to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Is it time for rewiring?

Unless you can see through the walls, it is extremely hard to tell if your wiring should be replaced, and in case it does, which those wires are. Nonetheless, symptoms do happen and can be identified easily. Signs of broken or old wiring include buzzing sounds, burning smells, flickering lights, fuses blowing regularly and mild electric shocks. It is wise to consult with a professional in these cases. Dalectrix can have a look at your home and ascertain the hazards of the situation, making sure your home and family members are always safe. Our wiring services include inspection or replacement of circuit breakers, outlets and fuses and switchboard upgrades. We carry out fault finding tests to find and diagnose the issues with your current wiring, and quickly carry out the repairs.       

Wiring and Connections

After finishing the electrical wiring, we test all the circuits and outlets with load-tester and multimeter tools. This is done to make sure you are safe and certify all the connections are getting power properly. The wiring process also includes the usage of circuit breakers and safety switches to protect you and the circuit from damage.                          

Our wiring services cover all the electrical wiring in your home, including:

  • Security system wiring
  • Outdoor wiring
  • Switchboards
  • Smoke detectors
  • Outlets and power points
  • Switches and lights 
  • And much more!

Once our wiring inspection is complete, our electricians in Dawesville offer expert advice regarding and rewiring when required, to keep your home and family safe. 

Why select us?

  1. Safety- Your safety is our top priority!
  2. Consistent training- We keep on training our crew members so that we can offer the best services. 
  3. Service with a smile- Our team of electricians is both friendly and knowledgeable.  
  4. Fixed Prices- Price is fixed and there are no hidden charges. 
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed- Our work is not complete until you are satisfied and happy.

We are looking forward to assist your family with all your electrical requirements!

Happy Customers

We found Dale from Dalectrix to be a breath of fresh air – a friendly guy with great communication who provided excellent and reliable service. We have already highly recommended Dale to our friends and would not hesitate to use him again.

- Tim and Delys Hardie

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