About Dalectrix – Electrical Installation Services Mandurah

What you experience as a customer is a direct reflection of what is happening in a company. You can’t fake values and culture, so for us at Dalectrix our core values are not only beautiful slogans but actually what we believe in Electrical Installation Services Mandurah.

In no time, Dalectrix has surpassed its goal and has become one of the fastest growing companies in Mandurah. What most exhilarates the Dalectrix team nonetheless is the humanitarian effect we have as we keep on growing.

Our highly qualified team of electricians is experts in all types of industrial and commercial electrical work, right from maintenance and service, to projects and everything in between. Our team caters a level of service and craftsmanship; hence you know you have teamed with the very best in the business.

At Dalectrix, we value relationships with our clients for one reason only. Our goal is to keep working in such an ambiance where we can maintain relationships with our ever-growing clientele. Being located in Mandurah and Pinjarra, we specialize in commercial and residential electrical installations, along with repairs.

We are the fastest and the best in electrical installation services in the area and we always make sure that all your electrical requirements are met. Some of the services we offer include underground and overhead electrical work, safety lighting, rewiring, and external and internal power points.

Our electricians are completely licensed and come with high qualifications and backed by vast experience to make sure that every service catered will ensure top level of customer satisfaction through the service.

We also try to keep our prices fair and reasonable in the market. We offer discounts and free quotes to show our sincerity in serving the community.

When you book an electricians Mandurah, you want to know everything about the service. While this might appear like an obvious thing, so many businesses fail to meet it. At Dalectrix, we do things slightly differently. When you hire us, we’ll provide you a time of arrival at your place in Mandurah or Pinjarra, and we’ll show up right on time. Then, once we have ascertained
the work to be done, we’ll offer you a comprehensive quotation, and we’ll stick to it.

Your Time Matters to us

We believe that first impression matters and reaching on time is the most fundamental things of respect. This is why we schedule our appointments mindfully to make sure we show up on time, every time. We’ll also allow you to know how long the job will take and will ensure that all work is finished as soon as possible.

Your money matters to us

While some people like surprises, nobody wants to get surprised with hidden charges. This is why we declare all the cost involved upfront and try our best to control the cost. Moreover, your quotation will be free and there is no charge for us to reach at your place to ascertain the job.

Your safety matters to us

If not managed properly, electricity can be very harmful. This is why we only work with licensed, experienced and highly qualified electrical technicians, who will ensure that things are done in the best way possible. And we’re available round the clock. So, irrespective of the time of the day, you can call us and we’ll send an expert at your doorstep as soon as it is realistically feasible.

Fix an Appointment today

Right from installation of new lighting or power points to repairing your oven or upgrading the switchboard, Dalectrix can do it all. Give us a call to fix an appointment with one of our expert technicians today.