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The electrical risk of old properties

If you have an older home, it is vital to know what type of risks comes with it to keep your family and property safe. Older buildings are at a much greater hazard of shorts, surges and electrical fires due to their aged and frequently outdated electrical systems, so it is quite vital to have your property inspected by a certified electrician on a daily basis. Electrical risks in old properties may be hard to get unless you know what you should look for. Call the experienced professionals at Dalectrix to ensure your home is safeguarded.

Electrical fires and old buildings

Outdated wiring trends and materials are the main cause of electrical problems and electrical fires are the third most common cause of home fires, right after heating and cooking problems. There are a wide range of electrical risks that commonly happen in older buildings, including:

Inadequate circuit provisions

As technology has developed, the number of electrical equipments that are common in homes has enhanced and the amount of power that every appliance needs has also enhanced. If an electrical circuit does not meet the requirements of the devices being run off it, it will generally just blow the breaker or fuse. Nonetheless, if these precautions fail, it may lead to overheating wires and cause electrical fires.

Obsolete equipment      

With the age of equipment, it may become damaged or start depreciating. When this happens, the device that was once safe becomes a major risk of electrical fire and electrocution. Fragile, bent or rusty metal components, rodent chewed wires, thinning insulation are just some of the ways that electrical device can be damaged over time.

Obsolete standards and practices  

Our idea about the best electrical trends and safety standards has grown over time, just like our technology. There are different kinds of electrical systems that are no longer relevant that should be replaced, and different ways that installation and safety standards have been bettered.

If you live in or have a old building and want to ensure that it is safe for years to come, make sure to call Dalectrix and we will have one of our highly trained electricians Lakelands to your property directly. We always ensure all our electricians are updated with the latest safety standards and code and we can have your home upgraded instantly to keep it safe for you and your family.

Save money by getting the wiring of the old wires properly replaced the first time

In so many cases, we have witnessed our customers’ hire an electrician as their quote came in much inexpensive. Just like plumbing, you don’t always want to go for a cheaper one due to the additional cost involved in rectifying inferior installations.

Neglect generic quotes

It is vital to request a wide range of written quotes instead of a single quote while getting your rewiring expenses.

If you select an intermediate and simple quote, it could have unfavorable impacts, such as electricians later adding extra hidden charges.

A cost breakdown and an itemized list should be included in a good quote to offer transparency and make sure a seamless project.