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No family should live in a home that does not have multiple smoke detectors to alert you to a possible fire.
Although we all know the importance of smoke detectors, the uncomfortable truth is that most smoke detectors are not regularly tested or even sit with dead batteries for weeks or even months — rendering them completely useless.
At Dalectrix, we specialise in installing hard-wired smoke detectors and emergency lighting . To safeguard your home from the possibility of an unidentified fire, contact us today to book one of our electricians to visit your home to install or replace a smoke detector and / or emergency lighting. There are different two main types of smoke detectors available, some are more suitable to different areas of the house than others. To avoid Smoke Detector false alarms in your house ensure you have them installed in the correct location. We recommend all smoke detectors have a lithium battery installed as the back up battery as they have a life of over 6 years. They should be tested every 6 months to ensure they are working OK.

Happy Customers

We found Dale from Dalectrix to be a breath of fresh air – a friendly guy with great communication who provided excellent and reliable service. We have already highly recommended Dale to our friends and would not hesitate to use him again.

- Tim and Delys Hardie

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